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Smart water sensors, soil sensors, weather sensors, agricultural sensors, gas sensors, environmental sensors, water velocity liquid level flow sensors, intelligent agricultural machinery. Can be widely used in agriculture, aquaculture, river water quality monitoring, sewage treatment monitoring, soil data monitoring, solar photovoltaic power generation monitoring, environmental protection meteorological environment monitoring, agricultural meteorological environment monitoring, power meteorological monitoring, agricultural greenhouse data monitoring, animal husbandry environmental monitoring , Environmental monitoring of factory production workshops, mine environmental monitoring, river hydrological data monitoring, underground pipe network water flow monitoring, agricultural open channel drainage monitoring, mountain torrent disaster early warning monitoring, and agricultural lawn mowers, drones, spraying vehicles and other agricultural machinery.
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  • single probes soil sensor
  • compact weather station
  • air gas sensor



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About Us

Honde Technology Co., Ltd. founded in the year of 2011, the company is an IOT company dedicated to the R&D, production, sales of smart water equipment, smart agriculture and smart environmental protection and the related solutions provider. Adheres to the business philosophy of making our life better, we have found the Product R&D Center the System Solution Center.

Company News

How lake sensors combined with flood prevention during monsoon in Chennai

With the installation of flow sensors in Chitlapakkam Lake to determine the inflow and outflow of water from the lake, flood mitigation will become easier. Every year, Chennai experiences severe flooding, with cars being swept away, houses being submerged and residents walking on flooded streets....

Misleading suggestions for integrating IoT soil quality management systems to expand your coffee farming capabilities

Soil health is critical to transforming fallow soil into fertile soil for growing coffee. By maintaining healthy soil, coffee growers can improve plant growth, leaf health, bud, cherry and bean quality, and yield. Traditional soil monitoring is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and error-prone. En...

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