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Radar Narrow Beam 3 In 1 Water Level Water Surface Velocity Water Flow Sensor

Short Description:

There are two options for measuring liquid level: 7 meters and 40 meters. It is a non-contact and integrated flow monitoring device that can continuously measure flow rate, water level and flow. This product can be used for non-contact flow measurement in open channels, rivers, irrigation channels, underground drainage pipeline networks, flood control warnings, etc. We can provide servers and software, and support various wireless modules, GPRS, 4G, WIFI, LORA, LORAWAN.

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Feature 1: IP68 waterproof Cast aluminum body.
Fully enclosed shell, IP68 waterproof, fearless rain and snow

Feature 2:60GHz Water level, high-precision measurement
Integrated water level and flow rate, convenient for debugging and management,60GHz high frequency signal, with extremely high precision and resolution;
(We also provide 80GHZ for you to choose)

Feature 3: Non Contact Measure
Non-contact measurement, not affected by debris

Feature 4: Multiple wireless output methods
RS485 modbus protocol and can use the LORA/ LORAWAN/ GPRS/ 4G/WIFI wireless data transmission, and the LORA LORAWAN frequence can be custom made.

Feature 5: Have matched cloud server and software
The matched cloud server and software can be send if using our wireless module to see the real time data in PC or Mobile and also can download the data in excel.

Product Application

1. Monitoring the open channel water level & water flow speed & water flow.


2. Monitoring the river water level & water flow speed & water flow.


3. Monitoring the underground water level &water flow speed &water flow.


Product Parameters

Measurement parameters

Product Name Radar Water Flowrate Water level water flow 3 in 1  meter

Flow measurement system

Measuring principle Radar Planar microstrip array antenna CW + PCR    
Operating mode Manual, automatic, telemetry
Applicable environment 24 hours, rainy day
Operating Voltage 3.5~4.35VDC
Relative humidity range 20%~80%
Storage temperature range -30℃~80℃
Working current 12VDC input, working mode: ≤300mA standby mode:
Lightning protection level 6KV
Physical dimension 160*100*80(mm)
Weight 1KG
Protection level IP68

Radar Flowrate sensor

Flowrate Measuring range 0.03-20m/s
Flowrate Measurement accuracy ±0.01m/s ;±1%FS
Flowrate Radar frequency 24GHz
Radio wave emission angle 12°
Radio wave emission standard power 100mW
Measuring direction Automatic recognition of water flow direction, built-in vertical angle correction

Radar Water level gauge

Water level Measuring range 0.2~40m/0.2~7m
Water level Measuring accurancy ±2mm
Water level Radar frequency 60GHz/80GHz
Radar power 10mW
Antenna angle

Data transmission system

Data transmission type RS485/ RS232/4~20mA
Cloud server and software Support matched server and software to see the real time data in the PC end    


Q: What's the main characteristics of this Radar Flowrate sensor?
A: It is easy for using and can measure the water flowrate, water level, water level for the river open channel and Urban underground drainage pipe network so on.

Q:Could I get samples?
A:Yes, we have materials in stock to help you to get the samples as soon as we can.

Q: What’s the common power supply and signal output?
It is regular power or solar power and the signal output including RS485.

Q: How can I collect data?
A: It can integrated with our wireless modules including the GPRS/4G/WIFI/LORA/LORAWAN.

Q: Do you have the matched parameters set software?
A:Yes, we can supply the metadata software to set all kinds of measure parameters.

Q: Do you have the matched cloud server and software?
A:Yes, we can supply the metadata software, you can check the data in real time and download the data from the software, but it need use our data collector and host.

Q: May I know your warranty?
A: Yes, usually it’s 1 year.

Q:What’s the delivery time?
A: Usually, the goods will be delivered in 3-5 working days after receiving your payment. But it depends on your quantity.

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